Olive Juice Photo Contest!

Olive Juice Photo Contest!

Do you use Olive Juice poses or props in your pictures? Well why not get a little something back as a thank you from me?

Enter your photos using ANY Olive Juice products to the Olive Juice Poses Flickr Group:

Enter by June 17th for a chance to win a 500L Gift Card to use at Olive Juice PLUS your photo will be displayed in the giant frames in the main entrance of the Olive Juice Mainstore, in Hide and Seek. (New store build, yay! By Tegan Sideshow of Modest House <3)

Winners will be announced Monday, June 20th. There is no limit to the number of entries, just keep it tasteful. Remember, these are for public display, so nothing too racy.

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, and thank you SO much for the interest. Warms my little pixel heart at the entries I've seen already 😀

**Make sure to tag and or put in the description something about the contest. Example: "Olive Juice Photo Contest" or "Olive Juice Flickr Contest" so we know what pics were meant to be entries. ty!**


Olive Juice- FLF and Photo Contest!

It’s Fifty Linden Fridays time and I have GREAT news (well for me, and hopefully you), Olive Juice is not in the regular rotation for FLF. So you will be forced to see the crap I make every 3 weeks, CONGRATS! Haha, Ok, picture time:

Also, I am debuting my new custom store build today, courtesy of the amazingly talented builder, Tegan Sideshow, of Modest Housee fame. Finally, all the Pose Fair items that didn’t fit in the old store are now out, and everything is organized for easier shopping. Just follow the signs. In honor of this, Olive Juice is holding a flickr contest! We want to see your photos using any Olive Juice props or poses sold in the store. Submissions must be entered into the Olive Juice Poses Flickr Group by the photographer by June 17th. There will be 4 winners, who will win a 500L gift card to Olive Juice, as well as have their artwork displayed in the giant frames at the new store in the entry way! Click the frames for a notecard with more details in world. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Hey Gamer Geeks!

It’s time for Project Themeory again, and this weekend the theme is Video Game Convention. THAT’S RIGHT NERDS, get out of your Mom’s basement and over to Olive Juice to grab some poses of your favorite video game characters. I can’t really spell it out for you which games, but I hope the fans can figure it out. Copyrights… le sigh.

Gamer Con is a pose pack with 7 individual poses, 2 poseball sets, and gun props are included. PLUS, a detailed style card is included if you like any of the costumes you see in the ad, along with LMs to the stores. GAME ON 😀

Olive Juice Mainstore

Spring Flowers at Gatcha Festival

Blooms: Albero Spring Gatcha Festival

Olive Juice has a collection of flowers with poses in the Albero Gatcha festival for only 35L a play! lots of different kinda of flowers and combinations are available. Some poses revamped from the “In Bloom” set with new flowers and some new poses. PLUS the rare is a basket that is texture change with 6 colors, full of pretty flowers 🙂

the Olive Juice is in the first section on the left from the landing point ❤

Easter Themeory at Olive Juice

Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter weekend for Project Themeory and Olive Juice made some fun things. So get ready to go on an Easter Egg Hunt! The set includes:

– Rezzable Eggs with 3 built-in poses for you and your friends. Just sit to pose, and choose from the menu. 3 transferable baskets are included to go with each pose, so it’s great for a photo op with pals!

– 3 poses in baskets that you just wear-to-pose. One of the poses has a texture change egg prop that you also wear.

– 1 basket to wear with your own AO

– Each basket has 6 colors that you can choose through a menu on touch.

Happy Hunting!


P.S. On an unrelated, but exciting note, those of you who are KittyCatS owners might already know that I made the cuddle animation in each of your KittyCatS. Well, the new update also included a play interaction with you cats, and I had the pleasure of also making that throw animation. Just thought I'd share, it's pretty cool!
(I also might have cats for sale in the back deck :/)

Olive Juice at Pose Fair!

Yay, Pose Fair is back and it’s twice as big this year. You guys don’t want to miss all the great releases. Olive Juice has twice as many new releases too, so let me stop blabbering on and show you:

New Pose Props

Call Me: Phone Props with Poses

Butterfly In The Sky Pack

monogrammed pillows

New Poses

Lookbook Pt.3 DISCOUNTED PRICE Only at Pose Fair (Inspired by the Spring Season advertisement from Ann Taylor LOFT)

Lookbook Men Pt. 2

New Couple Poses

Secret Lovers

When I See You Smile

This Thing Called Love

Some Freebies ❤

Group Gift Pose!

Olive Juice’s booth is on the lower level, in the far left hand corner from the TP point. I hope you can find me! Here’s Your Taxi to the start point

Pose Fair Preview from Olive Juice

call me preview

pose fair coming soon

Pose Fair is April 1st through the 15th. Are you excited? I am!