Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter weekend for Project Themeory and Olive Juice made some fun things. So get ready to go on an Easter Egg Hunt! The set includes:

– Rezzable Eggs with 3 built-in poses for you and your friends. Just sit to pose, and choose from the menu. 3 transferable baskets are included to go with each pose, so it’s great for a photo op with pals!

– 3 poses in baskets that you just wear-to-pose. One of the poses has a texture change egg prop that you also wear.

– 1 basket to wear with your own AO

– Each basket has 6 colors that you can choose through a menu on touch.

Happy Hunting!


P.S. On an unrelated, but exciting note, those of you who are KittyCatS owners might already know that I made the cuddle animation in each of your KittyCatS. Well, the new update also included a play interaction with you cats, and I had the pleasure of also making that throw animation. Just thought I'd share, it's pretty cool!
(I also might have cats for sale in the back deck :/)