Hellooooo my leetle Juicers. (Sorry, no sleep with all these Pose Fair projects coming next week!)

It’s a fun filled weekend of cute goofiness (hopefully you think so) at Olive Juice. Today, my little pose store is in Fifty Linden Friday! No really! I’m not lying at all, exciting, right? So I made a little preview prop called “Butterfly in the Sky”. It’s a butterflies pose prop that you can either attach to pose, and do so anywhere your fancy heart desires; OR you can rez it. It’s like eleventybillion prims, but the option is there if you want to rez it. I mean it’s not like you’d keep it out, right? Damn little butterflies and their prim whorin ways.

Butterfly In the Sky Ad
I say preview because a larger pack of these butterfly props with poses will be released at Pose Fair, April 1s

NEXT UP, it’s project themeory at Olive Juice but I set up a day early to save myself some trouble and notice spam to you. The theme is “Culture Shock” and I made Bangles inspired “Walk Like an Egyptian” poses! Now… fully aware that this is indeed as American in culture as you can get, but once I thought of it, my dorky brain wouldn’t let go of the idea. Sorry! 🙂

Walk Like an Egyptian: For Project Themeory- Culture Shock!

Look for a notice soon announcing Pose Fair 2011, opening April 1st! There is soooo much newness coming out from Olive Juice, plus freebies only available at the fair. So stay tuned!


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