Good morning! I hope your Saturday is better then mine (notice mix-up with an angry freebie hunting mob), but on to the newness! This weekend is great news for Olive Juice, because it’s my first Project Themeory weekend! The theme is 2011: Let’s Make a Statement, and all about starting fashion trends. So I decided to make a Runway to showcase those trends… with an Olive Juice silly twist ;).

Olive Juice Runway
Runway Pose Pack
This Runway was inspired by NYC Fashion Week and the tents in Bryant Park. Now you can rez this prop anywhere and get your cat walk on. Or should I say “catty” walk… as it’s got a few funny surprises to stage a diva-off or have a model take a spill! There are 16 poses built-in the runway with a drop down pose menu. Plus, all of the chairs have custom poses as well, and some are interactive with what maybe be going on on stage. You can try the demo and play around to find out all the fun for yourself. All this for 75L

PLUS, if the prop isn’t your thing and you just like the poses, those also are available for purchase separately and individually, along with curvy avatar variations!

A special thank you for this project goes out to Trace Osterham of {theosophy}, for being an amazing friend and texturing the tent to save me from my noob-texturing self. He did an amazing job and I’d have given up without him. Check out his store if you live under a rock and haven’t yet!

Head over to Olive Juice today!
Also, this weekend is the Garden City Relief effort in SL, and I am honored to be able to make a donation. A devastating earthquake hit the city of Christchurch New Zealand on February 22nd and left unspeakable wreckage behind. The Second Life community has banned together to do whatever we can to help with funding with the Garden City Relief running to March 5th. Olive Juice has an exclusive offer of both LOOKBOOK Pt.1 &Pt.2 available together for a discounted price, only at the event. 100% of the proceeds to to the relief.

Visit the Garden City Relief Event