HEYO! It’s a magical day in Bella Land, because Olive Juice is in Fifty Linden Friday… AGAIN! Oh miracle of miracles, it’s a happy day. So to share in my glee, I brought you TWO new pose packs, something really for everyone; male and female alike.

Crazy On You- New for Fifty Linden Friday!
This pose pack is unisex, yay! It’s geared towards more photography needs but can work for fashion and editorial work too. It comes with 10 poses.

Real Women Have Curves- Fifty Linden Friday!
Finally, I got around to making a pose pack for all you fluffy beauties out there. Thank Barb for reminding me recently! These are all geared to show off a curvy av’s shape, but the poses that don’t work for thin avs come with a thin variation! There are 6 poses, 8 all together with variations.

Head over to Olive Juice to pick them up for 50L each. Happy Friday guys and thank you for reading!