Welcome to Planet Terror. Who else will save us from the growing number of rabid zombie sickos, other than YOU! Become Cherry Darling, the bad-ass stripper with a heart of gold…. and a leg of metal. A gun in fact.

Cherry. Fully Loaded.

Today only, at Olive Juice, you can grab this amazing pose and props pack called “Cherry. Fully Loaded.” for only 75L! What’s included, you ask?

5 leg guns with built-in poses, just wear to pose
5 individual poses to use with your own props
1 leg gun to wear with your own AO
bandage layers and tattoo + sculpted stump
2 alpha versions
style card to dress up as Cherry yourself
NC with full instructions and info on all of the above, including back story on this prop if you haven’t seen the Grindhouse movies.

This is PERFECT for your Halloween horror fun! Stop by Olive Juice and grab it before it goes to normal price.