Leaves You Joyful- Pose Set

Super Bargains Saturday Item!

Fall is here and it’s my favorite time of year. I don’t have to look ridiculous in a swimsuit anymore and get to wear warm cuddly sweaters with cute boots. It’s like wearing a Snuggie everywhere that’s appropriate for the public. ANYhoo, there are two new seasonal arrivals at Olive Juice for your Fall-lovin selves.

First up, The Seasons Hunt has arrived and I’m SO EXCITED to be a part of it!!! Miss Hallie Galli is the creator, and she’s hand picked some of the best stores in SL. The stuff is amazing guys, and I will put a list below of the participants. My hunt gift is a pose prop set called “Leaves You Joyful”. It’s a 3 prim prop where 1 to 3 people can pose throwing leaves into the air! There are no poseballs involved, and the menu-driven poses are fully adjustable for your avatar, so you can move them around if you don’t have 3 people. I hope you guys like it! It’s hidden in an autumn leaf somewhere in the store.

Second, It’s Saturday and that means bargains. Olive Juice is in Super Bargain Saturday today, and I have another leafy pose set for you. “Autumn Leaves Me Happy” is 5 poses built into sculpted leaves. That means all you have to do is wear the leaves and you automatically pose. It’s that simple. It’s only 60L all day, so hurry and save! Don’t forget to touch the sign so you can grab the slurls of all participants this week.

Hop this SLurl to go to the new Olive Juice Mainstore!

Glad to be back guys and happy shopping <333
The Seasons Hunt Teaser

The Seasons Hunt
September 25th-October 9th
All vendors will hide a leaf in their store. Inside of this leaf, will be an item that is fall related. Store owners will hide the items however they would like to. The stores are not linked to each other so you will simply follow the list however you would like.

For updates you can read them via blog:


Or you may join the group inworld. It will be a very unmoderated group. Just a group for people to help each other find items.

Please look for the group: The Seasons Hunt(ers) Group.

Below are the list of vendors for the hunt:

1. Scribble
2. Epouqe
3. &Bean
4. flowey
5. Willow
6. *ARAI*
7. skin&bones
8. Molto Bene!
9. Sand Shack Surf Co.
10. Pig
12. Duh!
13. *FIR* & MNA*
14. Reek
15. This is a Fawn
16. Young Urban
17. Art Dummy!
18. +mocha+
19. Agent Orange
21. .44 Caliber
22. Twosome
23. Fashionably Dead
25. (Elate!)
26. -RC- Cluster
27. Tres Blah
28. Arcade
29. duboo.
30. Seperate Sack
31. Whippet & Buck
32. The Habitat
33. *eha
34. L. Fauna
35. Doppelganger Inc.
36. Turnip’s Homes and Stuff
37. Ingenue
38. LISP Bazaar
39. Split Pea
40. Clawtooth by Clawtooth
41. True Love Never Dies
42. Olive Juice
43. {theosophy}
44. Schadenfreude
45. Tiny Bird
46. Kyoot
47. /ME
48. SMS
49. rbcg.
50. Pididdle
51. nodari.
52. [ glow ] Studio
53. =HooT=
54. [North West]
55. *mijnt* Shop
56. Ohmai!
57. Tee*fy
58. Dare
59. [kusshon]
61. Fri.day
62. +blacklisted+
63. Periquita