Clem's Heart on a String

“I’ll give you my heart on a string. I just don’t want to miss anything.” – “Awake” by Secondhand Serenade

“Clem’s Heart on a String” is a pose bundle of goodness. It includes 2 couples poses with a heart on a string prop, and a single pose that you just wear the heart prop and it automatically puts you in the pose. As a bonus, there is also trans, no copy versions of the props to share with your partner if you are the purchaser and want them to hang the heart. Also, I threw in the single pose without the prop just in case you want to use it with any props of your own. That’s a heck of a deal for 75L, and you can purchase it NOW through all day Sunday at Olive Juice‘s new main store in Hide and Seek. Thanks to Clementine Ishtari, of Awesome Blossom fame, for the lovely idea from this song <333

A quick note as well to let you know that Sunday is the last day of the mega freebie Olive Juice opening gift that I think I packed with like 11 or 12 free poses! Also, if you like any of the rugs in the new mainstore, check to see if it's for sale. I made a few myself and they are only 20L a pop! No poses in them, just purely decor I thought I'd share :). Happy Sunday!

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