Shoe Fair 2010 pt.1

Shoe Fair 2010 pt. 2

To help out with your shoe-saving budgets, I decided to split up my Shoe Fair 2010 pose pack into 2 packs, with 5 poses each. This way, they are only 150L each, and you have the option to just grab one or both. I know there are a LOT of gorgeous shoes out there, and a girl has to save, right?

Here is the SLurl to the Olive Juice Haybales (There is a landing point but if you tp to the Shoe Fair, then use the direct slurl here, you should get there okay. Otherwise, follow the red arrow. If you have trouble finding it, feel free to ask me and if I’m on, I’ll tp you there myself <3)

I also have special discounts only available at Shoe Fair on last year's exclusive Shoe Fair '09 Collection, and 2 other items. If you want them cheap, then pop on by for a visit.

SF 09 Poses
for 150L

Olive Juice- Barrel of Poses
for 100L

60L for Super Bargain Saturday!
for 100L