Olive Juice is BACK, at Summerfest!

HEY GANG! I am so happy to announce (a little delayed) that Olive Juice has a few new releases at Summerfest ’13. It’s been over a year, so I don’t blame you if you say “Olive Who?”. But the answer is YOU! I LOVE YOU (harharhar). Enough blabbing, here are the goods:

Two new pose packs, with mirrors and curvy versions both included.

Lookbook 7 Summer

Summer Beats ad

And, my FAVORITE new item is a collaboration between Olive Juice and the very talented creator of Kari, Menno Ophelia. Kari is also a retired store, so you could say that the Summerfest gang kidnapped us from a virtual retirement center, and I’m so glad they did!

Olive Juice - Kari - Lifeguard chair

The Lifeguard Chair comes with 3 colors; white, green and blue. ALL INCLUDED AT SUMMERFEST ONLY! After that, they will be sold separately.

A special thank you to Tegan Serin of Floorplan and Darling Monday of fri.day, for inviting me to participate in this event. You gals were a ton of help with giving me a crash course in SL since mesh, and all your help and support. I ❤ both of your faces, mucho. You put together one SPECTACULAR event!!!!
Head on over to Summerfest, now through June 26, to grab these before they are gone!


Take Flight with Olive Juice for FLF

Corny… I’m aware. But so are these poses, so it’s okay! It’s Fifty Linden Friday again at Olive Juice. All 3 packs come with curvy variations, AND style cards, so you can see where I dressed my avatars. I hope you guys enjoy them and have fun playing dress up! If you take pics, I’d love love love to see them in the Olive Juice Flickr Group.

Fly Girls Set 1

Fly Girls 2

Fly Boys

Fly over to Olive Juice while they are only 50L today! (I can’t help it, sorry. Promise, I’m done now)

New FLF Releases at Olive Juice

Lookbook 5: Casual

Young Love: 2 Couples Poses

New garment-friendly poses and a twofer couples pose set for FLF, at Olive Juice 🙂

FLF at Olive Juice for Guys & Gals

Lookbook 4: Hipsters

Lookbook Men pt. 4: Hipsters

It’s Fifty Linden Friday at Olive Juice, and there is something for ladies and gents alike. Two more additions to the Lookbook series with some customizing options. The women’s pack has mirror poses and curvy variation where needed. The men’s pack has mirror poses and female-friendly versions where needed. So they are actually unisex! Stop by Olive Juice and pick them up for cheap while you can.

Olive Juice: FLF & Gatcha!

We’re on a roll, folks! Lots of new things at Olive Juice this week. It’s Fifty Linden Friday and Olive Juice has 8 new coy poses out.

Coquette Pose Pack for FLF

ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival is in full swing and Olive Juice has released some cute pose prop ice cream cones with poses for summer fun. Series One lasts from July 27 – August 10.

I Heart Ice Cream Gatcha

Project Themeory and The Seasons Hunt

Newness at Olive Juice! For Project Themeory, a set of puddle jumping pose props and a Rain emitter. Have fun with some rainy day photos.

Puddle Jumpers

Sorry so late on the notice, but Olive Juice is participating in The Seasons Hunt again. Look for Steve the Shark to find beach poses for guys and girls.

Beach Bodies

Olive Juice Newness for FLF and Last Chance for Contest Entries!

Hi Guys! Sorry this is a little late, whoops, but I have a new sits pack out for FLF! My apologies to the fellas, I didn’t have time to finish yours, but it’s coming soon.

Down to Earth

TP to Olive Juice

Also, today is the LAST DAY of the Olive Juice Photo Contest on Flickr. You have until midnight tonight to get in your entries. The winners will be framed in the 4 square frames in the entry of the store, so keep it clean!

Olive Juice Photo Contest!